Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some more progress.

Piering was done on Friday.

Trenching began yesterday for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Our giant iceberg of waffle pods delivered yesterday. Hopefully we are getting closer to the slab being poured!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Our New Home

Welcome to the journey of building our new home.

In April 2011 we purchased our 3 acre block of land in Yass, NSW.

We then started the process of looking at builders display homes where we came across McDonald Jones Homes. We visited their beautiful display home in Goulburn and knew that was who we wanted to build with.

Originally we were going to build the Monte Carlo just like the display home, but it just didn't seem right for our block so we decided to go with one of their acreage homes called the Bronte. We made the trip up to the Hunter Valley to visit the display home,which we loved, and came back to start the building process.


We had the driveway put in in early January.

We received notification on the 31st of January that our job was on the construction list and that a surveyor would be on site within 20 working days to peg out our new home.

Our pegs went in on Friday the 10th of February followed by notification that work has started on our site. On Thursday when we drove past we saw that the portaloo had been delivered. Hopefully not long till we see some work happening.