Saturday, 12 May 2012

Framework Complete

The framework stage is now complete, including gutters and facias...

The bricks have been delivered...


  1. We are currently considering a McDonald Jones Home to be built out of their Goulburn office. So I would be glad to know if you are happy or deeply unhappy about the whole process.

    1. We went with MJH because we liked their display home at Goulburn much more than any other one we had seen and their layouts fitted what we were after. We also liked that they build in steel. The process to date has been very frustrating though and there has been a lack of communication since we were allocated our client liaison officer and our site supervisor. We have a new SS for 5 weeks while ours is on holidays and he has promised to get things moving...fingers crossed! The tradesman ship so far appears good so we are hoping for a beautiful end result.